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Virginia Vettes offers over 35 years of Corvette knowledge and experience in restoration, parts selection, technical advice and installation techniques after the sale. With the dramatic change in electronic communication, we have found a that we had to change our business model to be more in sync with the Corvette owners demand for quality parts, competitive internet pricing and information. This web site will offer a portal into this world offering parts at the lowest cost, highest quality, and supplying the correct part in the most expeditious manner.

Virginia Vettes’s business model operates on a “Cost Plus” basis instead of “What the market will bear”. The “Cost Plus” approach offers the customer a fair price and us a fair profit. Upping prices with the customer until they reach the “push back point” has little to do with fairness.

After 12 years on E-Bay, maintaining a highest Top Seller rating, completing 14,000 auctions, we still found the 10%-18% fees the customer paid to E-Bay to be non competitive. We elected to reduce our exposure on E-Bay.  Simply E-mail us with your requirements and we will promptly return a quotation with the current retail price, and your discounted cost. Pictures of parts are also available by request.

Imported parts dominate the market place in all venues of collector cars. Today, this supply source can offer discrepant, ill fitting parts with a sporadic delivery becoming the norm. On the other hand, we have found some to offer quality parts where  GM and no other source is available. Let us give you our experience in this area and perhaps offer restoration of your GM original parts that fit your car and can be restored at a fraction of the cost.

Restoration services are available on bumpers, dash clusters, windshield posts, door posts, vent frames, clocks, headlight motors and many more. We are the only company welding pivots back on C2 vent frames and polishing them. This offers a pricing alternative to the Corvette enthusiast with fast restoration and shipping.

Major manufacturers offer seasonal discounts on shipping, special onetime discounts, or target specific product lines with discounts. When these discount are offered to us we pass them on to our customers as a way of expressing our appreciation for doing business with us.

Virginia Vettes is interested in being a company that strives to be fair in pricing while excelling in quality and customer service.  Our customers testimonials document our performance.

We would be honored to add you to our list of satisfied buyers.  May we have your order?

Dick Barron- Virginia Vettes


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